YES! Schools

“To keep the scented water from pouring into the dust”

A program of faith and vision in Kakinada, India.  More than 15 free schools are now open for the poorest children in the area villages.  The vision is for 25 such schools.  They provide an education, bringing change for these bright and happy children from families too poor to provide an education.

More than $100,000 has been given to YES! Schools thanks to partners like you.  Sustaining partners giving on a monthly basis are changing the world for these lovely children.

It is the dream of the YES! Schools to construct a building for an additional 2 years education for those who complete the current 10th grade from our Yes! School.  The total cost is $150,000 but would, as Pastor Paparao says, further lift the children of poverty and prevent “the scented water from pouring into the dust”.

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