Here’s the latest news we have received from Pastor Paparao in Kakinada, India.  Our Partners in Hope have been strong supporters for Pastor Paparao’s work for a long time now.

“By the grace of God, in the first quarter, we have reached 78 remote villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. In all these villages we have visited house to house and we shared the Calvary message of Jesus Christ. All our 250 pastors and evangelists actively worked in reaching these villages. In total, we have conducted 1000 street corner meetings where 140000 people attended to these meetings and heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. We shared about Some of the healings that Jesus did and we also shared some of the parables that He taught to the gathering of those days. In the first quarter, 750 healings taken place. People are suffering with both physical sickness and spiritual sickness too. Idol worship is very high in the villages.  In this first quarter, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have given baptism to 6871 people ( this is all by 250 pastors and evangelists working with us)

“This ministry is in need of your continuous prayers to meet the needs.

1.  Some of the rural pastors are in need of low budget church buildings. Each will cost 5000 dollars.
2.  We are in need of 25000 Bibles in Telugu language. Each Bible will cost 5 dollars. I request you for your prayers.
3.  We need 100 supportive hands to join with us to carry out this work for Jesus. The resources are always very limited and we need help and support mainly for the children at the orphanage, to run the schools, to conduct food feeding programs, to conduct food programs for the homeless people, to dig bore wells in the villages to provide clean water to the rural people, to purchase antibiotic medicine to help the poor patients at our charity hospital, etc.  we need your kind prayers.
4.  We welcome volunteers to work with us side by side to help the needy.
5.  We welcome Pastors and evangelists to help our people with the word of God.

“Thank you and God bless you.”

to help support this vital ministry!