Will you do it again?

From Dwyatt Gantt –

I just got an email this morning from Pastor Paparao in India, telling of a special need they have now for wells for villages with no water. To be exact 263 villages have asked him for a well. Naturally I thought of you as someone who has had a heart for this before. Perhaps the purest work on earth is being done under the direction of Pastor Paparao Yelchuri in Kakinada, India. To the poorest people on earth, he is providing wells for villages that have no water.

Even before getting the email this morning, on my way to work I was thinking: Our Lord, Jesus, taught that if anyone would give even a cup of water, in His name, they would not lose their reward. Yes, it is truly rewarding to give even a cup of water. How rewarding it would be to give a whole well to a whole village in India.

Change a child, change a village with a well. You have been a part of that before…and there is an especially great need right now. I’m asking you to provide a well for a village that has no water, if you can. And, if you can, it can and will be done for only $650, as before. If you can’t do a whole well, let me tell you $50 will provide tens of thousands of cups of water.

Honor your parents, or someone else if you like, with a tribute, but you will also honor God and find it to be the most rewarding gift you will give all year.

Watch the video below and click HERE to make it happen right now.