These children walked through the jungle for many days as they escaped the war in northern Myanmar. Almost all of them have lost their parents. When their long march finally ended in a small village, may of them didn’t even have clothes. So far, about 40 kids have turned up as a result of the war. Families in the area have taken them in but cannot keep them. Some families in extremely small homes (huts) have 3 or 4 orphans staying with them.  The picture above is a photo of a  a cell phone picture so  it’s just clear enough to show the desperation of the children. 


SonRiz Ministry is branching out from Thailand in order to care for the growing number of orphans in Myanmar. SonRiz founders Terry and Linda Thompson’s  Burmese daughter, NaBi and her husband SawAlthay currently oversee the work at Myanmar’s Mercy House where the villagers are pitching in to build a new orphanage to house the growing number of orphan children.

A local village pastor (man with the bag over his shoulder) has offered to donate rice to help feed the orphans. The man in the yellow shirt is a village leader who brought assurance that the village will open up the school for the orphans.  The big man in the back is SunRiz founder, Terry Thompson. The woman on the left is JJ, she will be the house mother for the orphanage.  On the right is NaBi who will oversee the orphanage operations.

The villagers are working hard to build housing and a school for the orphans.