CATCHING UP FOR February 2022: A Grateful message from Pastor Paparao, our Partner in India –

On behalf of the children… I take this opportunity to thank you for your donations to use for the greatest need in the ministry. Because of Covid19, many children lost their Parents. Specially those who are coming to our free schools lost their parents. No one is there to look after them except their old grandparents who are also homeless, untouchable families, Lepers, Fishing families etc. They are very poor and they are unable to provide even two meals a day. Also, our orphan homes lost lot of donations due to Pandemic Covid19. Hence, your fund was utilized to the greatest need of giving one meal a day to the children, vitamins, hair cutting to the boys, shampoo packets, soap etc. I thank you very much for your kind heart towards the needy children in India. God bless you all. Please find enclosed few photos to show where your donation was utilized.
Yours in the service of the Children, Pastor Paparao