CATCHING UP FOR February 2022: A heartfelt message from Pastor Paparao, our Partner in India –

My dear Brothers and Sisters –
Greetings in Jesus precious name. Many thanks for your kindness. We are all doing fine with good health and spirit. With all your kind help, we are sharing the word of God to the children, to the teens, elderly people, homeless, lepers, widows, Routan women, tribals by many ways. Hundreds of children are receiving education, one meal a day, necessary medical aid, the lepers are receiving medicine and food and so on. Thank you very much to all our supporting brothers and sisters. The spirit of God is guiding us to reach the unreached millions with the word of God and also with some physical help. Thank you very much brother for all your kindness. My respects and thanks to you and to all our supporters.
Prayer and material need: the children who are attending to our schools are not find sufficient place to sit. The class rooms are full. So in some of our schools we are able to accommodate them to sit on varandah. ( outside of the class rooms ) we are all praying for a low budget building to have more class rooms to accommodate these children.