A message from James Sann, our man in Cambodia

Dear Brothers & Sisters –

I want to thank you from my heart for your quick and generous response to my request for the mosquito nets for the slum communities. So many children are suffering from Dengue fever because their families could not buy mosquito nets for protection.

THANK YOU! I prayed to be able to have mosquito nets for the neediest two slum communities in Phnom Penh. Thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit in your kind hearts, I am able to provide mosquito nets for four slum communities!

Thanks to you, baby Daevy’s mother is no longer worried. Now two month old Daevy sleeps under the protection of a new mosquito net to protect her from bites from Dengue carrying mosquitos.

This whole family is protected. The Pram family live in a typical family home in the city dump. Thanks to you, they now have mosquito nets to protect themselves from Dengue fever carriers.

Thank you so much for helping the desperate families in the slum communities in Cambodia. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family forever…Amen!!!

James Sann Puthree
Phnom Penh, Cambodia