We are people with a burning passion for changing the lives of the helpless, the vulnerable, the orphans, the sick, the weak, and the poorest of children and families. Our hope is in God and we are intent on taking His love to those whose candle has gone out and hope has died. We are committed, as Partners in Hope, to share what God has given us, to those who are in need. We reach out to all people of compassion to join us and make a world of difference. This work began 37 years ago and now focuses on China, where it began, India, Cambodia, Ethiopia Myanmar and North Korea. A report of 100 pages would be inadequate to review what has been done so we won’t try here but God has guided and He knows. I just can’t describe it in clinical, tabulated facts. It’s a fire burning in hearts to meet the needs of those whose names are known only to God. Our ‘mission statement’ is: To Give Homes, Health and Hope to those in need”. We are strongly focused on children who are orphans, abandoned and forgotten, often sick or with special needs. Families struggling with debt and despair because of the health of their children, is hugely important to us.

Those we help are far away in lonely villages surrounded by poverty and need. Our hearts are alive with what we know is going on, but it is not easy to communicate the prolonged pain they feel to those surrounded by comfort. It’s almost impossible unless His Spirit of compassion visits us inside and makes His heart known. And so it has been by the twos, the tens, the hundreds and the thousands. People are moved beyond the selfishness and shallow to hear a sound planted in the heart by God. Nothing else explains why so many have helped and continue to do so.

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Our roots go back to 1982 when God pointed his finger at many and said, “Go to China” at a time of that nation’s greatest need.  They served as teachers, business people and much more but their heart was to give hope and help to any who needed it.  They visited and cared for orphans in dire need, often taking them into their own homes and sometimes adopting them.  Eventually, work was expanded and over 8,000 orphans were placed in homes and many thousands more were given medical help and spiritual hope.  A home for special needs orphans was started, as was a center for abused girls.  50 Little Homes of Children’s Hope were started as residence centers near major hospitals for families and children in medical crisis to have a place to live, and receive encouragement, counsel and prayer in their time of greatest need.  And the music goes on!  In India, Cambodia, and Ethiopia especially.  You can read more about it here.

If you are a person of compassion and faith, you might want to join us in the fight for something that is very right.

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Our partners are committed to this mission and are compassionately engaged in changing lives. Our international offices are located in Beijing and Guangzhou, China a with representatives in India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Canada and other. . The well-trained, caring and bi-lingual staff members within these counties are able to assist in distribution and utilization of funds for the greatest good of families and the children.

Our entire staff is aware of the nuances that may occur while being immersed within a different culture and are able to serve as a link to problems and/or procedures within the U.S. In short, Hope International is comprised of capable people of integrity and trust!