serving in an orphanage  or children’s center for special needs children in china

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Many of our adopted sons and daughters are ready to return to China to get a better impression of their origins and their place in the world.  Children’s Hope international is happy to arrange a RETURN TO CHINA for families wishing to embark on this journey.

Alenah’s Hope is an opportunity to serve in one of our Associates of Hope sister organizations in China – one of the stops on the itinerary of this momentous trip.

Visitors can stay for a day or a month.

Come and experience work with special needs orphans. Help with the children’s care. Meet the staff. Join in the day-to-day activities.


Once you volunteer in serving orphan and special needs children in China as a part of Alenah’s Hope you will be changed forever.

any of our CHI families and grown-up adopted sons and daughters spend time “giving back” by volunteering and working as an Alenah’s Hope volunteer in one of our Association of Hope sister organizations. Contact us if you want to know more