CHI received information from Wuhan, and two other orphanages in Hubei as of Jan 28th, that they are in serious need!

There are 17 cities quarantined and the caretakers in orphanages are required to stay in the facilities with the children day and night. In order to fight the virus  from spreading in the orphanage, they are in need of masks, protective glasses, and sanitizing materials. There is a shortage of supplies throughout China and these are not currently available.

Wuhan SWI needs 50 eye glasses and temperature guns, Huanggang needs masks, glasses, gowns and sanitizing material. Shiyan needs 1000 masks. The total cost of above is ¥76500 Chinese Yuan equal to $12,750 USD. Children’s Hope China is working with other foundations to find the products within China and ship 100,000 masks at one time to distribute to area hospitals. We also work with NGOs with over 1500 local volunteers organized to deliver supplies every day!

Please join CHI Wuhan and Hubei adoptive families in US to donate to area orphanages.

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