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A Letter from Melody…



Dear China Adoptees, Families and Friends:

It is so special that we have a tie to China. The news about China always hits us hard because of this China tie. 

Right now the people in China are fighting the biggest public health epidemic in 70 years. The Corona virus has officially claimed over 2,700 lives and infected over 78,000 people in China. As it progresses, we hear more and grow more concerned about its impact on the world.

The Corona virus epidemic is a multi-faceted obstacle. It’s more than sick people and many dying. It’s children being quarantined and unable to go to infusion appointments, treatments, dialysis, transfusions, etc. We see the children in orphanages are the most vulnerable – buildings full of immunocompromised children, children undergoing incredible health concerns. It’s children that have waited for years and years for a family to hear of the family and be prepared and then travel bans issued. They continue to wait. It’s families out of jobs for months now and may go starving. Among many news reports, we see again families who have no choice but to give their babies over to the government just to keep them alive. People are infected and dying, but the cataclysm does not stop there.

We are proud to be able to help from this side of the ocean with our wonderful adult adoptees in the front line!  We are in close contact with doctors at Wuhan Central Hospital. CHI has formed a team with our Children’s Hope China to help those children and families affected by it. As of Feb 25th, our shipment of 690 N95 masks has been delivered to Wuhan orphanage, Wuhan Central hospital and Home of Children’s Hope in Henan and Fuzhou. Needless to say, they were put into use immediately.

Left photo – CHI Executive Director Dwyatt Gantt packing masks before sending to China on Feb 12th. It was received on Feb 21st by Director of Wuhan orphanage. Right photo – The doctors we work with in Wuhan Central Hospital, where the whistle blower, Dr. LiWen Liang worked before his passing on Feb 6th.

CHI also issued our first wire of $20,000 donations from adoptees, families, friends and CHI Urgent Need Fund to our team in China to purchase the items in China. Our China team raised a total over $50,000 in cash and $10,000 in kind donation and distributed a total of over $50,000 worth of masks, sanitizing items to the needy.

Left – CHI’s first donation came from the Gries family. Zoe Gries now a student in CA, was adopted from Wuhan, 19 years ago. Right – The first shipment of 690 3M N95 masks was donated by another adoptee, Cindy Bremer Mendoza who was adoption from Sanya Hainan, China in 2005.


Please pray for a country and people
we love. 

Please join CHI adoptive families in US
and donate to area orphanages.

Orphanages currently requesting our help: Jiujiang Jiangxi, Yichun Jiangxi, Huainan Anhui, Hefie, Yingxian Shangxi, Yinzhou Shanxi, Ankang Shan Xi, Shaotong Qiaojia, Yunnan, Yulin Guangxi, Dongyang Zhejiang, and, in Hubei, Wuhan, Huanggang, Shiyan, Wuwei, Loudi, Xiangyang

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