At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the Chinese government ordered all private foster homes like Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center, to return all the orphaned children to government run orphanages.  Our mission to give Homes, Health and Hope to Children in Need was affected but not diminished. 

Like everything in the world right now, a lot has changed for  the children in China.  But nothing has changed in our passion to impact and bring positive change and hope to children in need in China. We have shifted our attention to giving health and hope to children that do not live in our facility.  It has also expanded to abused and older children.  We are working closely with long-held and trusted relationships developed in the thirty-plus years this ministry has been in China to take this mission to an even higher level.

Stay tuned. We are hoping and praying for new open doors for the work in China. We are committed to China more than ever and we are grateful to be partners with you in this mission.

God’s blessings and peace,
Dwyatt, Melody and the Staff and Board