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transforming lives through hope

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Why Become a Sustaining Partner In The Community of Hope?

Whether it is in Alenah’s Home for Special Needs Orphans in Beijing or the 50 Little Homes of Hope in major cities in China, giving homes, health and hope to the most helpless and vulnerable – Or schools, orphanages, feeding programs, mobile medical clinics and fresh wells for villages in India.  Or basic sanitation education, clean water and a care program for families living on the city dump of Phnom Penh in Cambodia –  or giving help and hope in Ethiopia, or 100 needs that may and do arise, our monthly donor / sponsor/ partners change the lives of children whose names only God knows.


Monthly Donations Means Care Never Stops

When you give an automatic monthly donation, you are saving lives each and every day. Children’s Hope partner/sponsors are able to reach the children, families and communities where the need is greatest and monthly donations allow us to be prepared with supplies in the event of an emergency AND provide ongoing care to these children. With vaccines, clean water, education and health care, it’s through the generosity and commitment of sponsor/partners like you that we are able to save children’s lives and give them a bright hope for their future.


How Long Does My Sustaining Gift Continue?

Stops anytime you say.

We work with every child and family in our programs to create a sustainable, long-term plan for the future — a plan where the child is cared for.  Children in our programs, like your children, have daily, hourly needs that have to be met continually, without ever stopping. That’s why your automatic, monthly donation meets the greatest need.  You may choose to end your support at any time, and we will only be grateful that you came alongside for a while.  We recommend $19 as basic.  Some give $25, $30, $32, $50 and $100.  You let your heart and circumstances decide.

Convenient and Automatic

Your donation is withdrawn automatically from your credit card for convenience.  While we hope you won’t even notice the difference, we are very sure that some children in need will definitely notice that their care continues and their most pressing needs are met.





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become a DONOR / PARTNER


transforming lives through hope

Email: Dwyatt@Hope.World   To talk