MISSION TO THE NATIONS is our Hope International partner in India.

Here’s a message from Director Pastor Paparao Yeluchuri:

“It’s my privilege to serve in the coastal city of Kakinada, India. Located on the eastern side of India on the Bay of Bengal, Kakinada and the surrounding villages are home to more than one million people. Sadly, the long-held caste system of my country has reduced many to be of “no value.” Imagine what it must feel like to be without hope. We are offering many the hope they so desperately need. Whether the audience is needy women and children, lepers, children in need of basic education, or those touched by sickness, our mission is t bring healing and hope. Please partner with me in this important ministry.”  Paparao Yeluchuri, Director, Mission to the Nations.



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Wells for clean water are a constant need in rural communities. So far, Partners in Hope have funded over 250 wells in India. The current cost for a single well is $650 US. The need for additional wells remains urgent.

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Families in poor villages cannot pay for their children’s schooling. We currently fund free schools where children receive uniforms, books, one meal daily and an excellent, Godly education.

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Mobile medical clinics bring doctors to remote villages where medical care is unavailable. Both children and parents benefit from the services provided by clinic staff. The cost for each visiting clinic is $300 per day.

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Families often go without sufficient nutrition for both parents and children. We supply health giving meals for those in need.

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Patients suffering with leprosy and tuberculosis are isolated from their families and communities. We provide medical care and emotional and spiritual support for these unfortunate people.

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Widowed and abandoned women must often turn to prostitution as their only means of survival.  We provide vocational training and financial aid so these women can support themselves and their children.