Kevin and Julia Garrat and their Nation to Nation team are our Hope International partners in Myanmar.

Here’s a message from Kevin and Julia:

“Our Nation to Nation team focuses  on vulnerable conflict-distressed communities in Myanmar. Nation to Nation offers a powerful Christian hope message along with vocational training & replicable, sustainable ‘seed to market’ solutions with coffee, soy, and clean water systems, they partner with nationals to make a lasting difference.

Our 30 years in community development work in China ended in 2014 with abduction and false imprisonment. Pawns in a Canada/China geopolitical dispute, the 775-day ordeal as hostages & Chinese prison is recounted their captivating story of resilience and hope called Two Tears on the Window.”



URGENT COVID-19 Relief and Food Aid
“We trust in God during these days. Most of our people need support for life survival
because of COVID-19 calamity. Ordinary people who do not have daily jobs are
suffering a lot for food. Urgent needs include rice, oil, eggs, beans & noodles.” —
Myanmar co-worker shares his heart-

    • A gift of $50 feeds a family for a month.
    • $500 feeds a drug rehab centre for a month
    • $750 – $1500 feeds a vulnerable village community for a month
    • $2000 feeds an IDP (internally displaced people) camp for a month.

Nutrition & Soy Milk
Nation to Nation cares about giving Burmese migrant children a healthy start. We deliver warm, organic soya milk to migrant children’s hostels. A gift of $850 provides three months of fresh soya milk to children struggling to get the nutrition they need. 

Clean Water Systems for Myanmar Schools
Each Clean Water System project includes:
• Assessing and testing school water sources
• Designing a water system specific to the school’s needs
• Installation
• 1 year training of local staff to maintain and operate the clean  water systems
We invite Clean Water System donors to visit the schools they have supported!
# of schools received Clean Water Systems in 2019/2020: 11
Our goal for 2020/2021: 15 new systems
Cost of a complete Clean Water System project: $4,500