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Hope Community Services is our Hope International partner agency in Ethiopia. 

Here’s a message from HCS director Gabe Beyene:

Armed conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has uprooted millions of people; hundreds of thousands are living in famine conditions. Hope Community Services is on the ground, working with partners to treat children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, deliver safe water and other critical supplies to those in need and restore essential services.  Many have lost their parents and many more have been separated.  Please help.

“I am a native of Ethiopia who has  lived in New York City for 16 years. Now I have returned to Ethiopia to minister to the people of Tigrai and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them in their native language.  In my experience, the homeless of New York City are far more prosperous than so many in Tigrai. We are all burdened as humans, even as our burdens are different from one another’s. It is only by giving these burdens to God, that we find respite. How wonderful that this rest is given to us freely.”


Excited group of people holding up books


This is one pocket of 1000’s of people crushing in on young men distributing the first copies of the Gospel of John

After 10 years of strenuous and complex work of Gabe Beyene to accomplish the translation and printing of the Bible in Tigreina, the language of the Northern region of Tigrai in Ethiopia. They had no Bible except in Geez the ancient language which was incomprehensible to the people. This is the first day of distribution of the first copies of the Scriptures. From this has come a superb movement of leadership training that is positively affecting the very foundations of this great country.

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