Our Community of  Hope supports some of the poorest families in Phnom Penh who live amid the trash and debris from the city. The children run around picking up trash each day so their families can sell anything of value. James Sann Puthree,  our full-time faith-social worker who works directly with the children, writes:

“Some of my friends and I go there to bring food and teach the families basic daily living skills. Some don’t even know the first thing about basic skills to help keep their families alive. They don’t know to boil the water before drinking it, how to use the facilities, how to brush their teeth. Basic things that will help keep them and their children from getting life threatening diseases that can kill them. Any donations that are received go to buy food and medicine for the children living in the slums.”

Partners in Hope are also Providing Clean Water for the Families and Children of this Area

Stay tuned to learn what you, as a Partner in Hope, are helping to happen for the poorest and neediest in Cambodia.