Hope Community Services gives visionary leadership, under Gabe Beyene, in the education of girls, reclaiming the lives of young men overcome in addiction and the strengthening of Christian outreach through the translation, printing and distribution of the Bible and spiritual training;. Changing the future of Africa.

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James Saan, our full-time representative in Cambodia brings HOPE to the families living in the sanitation dumps of Phnom Penh. He is active in providing clean water, street evangelism, Christian camps and in distributing the Bible across anti-Christian borders and sharing the love of God in practical and life-changing ways. Pray about becoming a partner with us and James in making Christ’s love known in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. .

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A ministry of hope in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, under the leadership of veteran visionaries to Asia, Kevin and Julia Garratt. Tested and proven, authentic and faithful. Pray about becoming partners of Hope with Kevin, Julia and team in a land of great development and change.

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