James-Sokha Sann

James Sann Puthree is our  our Hope International partner in Cambodia.

Here’s James’ message:

“Some of my friends and I go to garbage dumps of Phnom Penh to visit the families who live amid the trash and debris from the city.  The children must work hard at picking up trash each day so their families can sell anything of value.  We bring food and teach the families basic daily living skills.  Some don’t even know the first thing about basic skills to help keep their families alive. They don’t know to boil the water before drinking it, how to use the facilities, how to brush their teeth. Basic things that will help keep them and their children from getting life threatening diseases. All donations that are received will go to helping buy food and medicine for the families living in the slums.”


We visit with the families who live in the city dump, encouraging them to participate in our literacy and hygiene programs. The illiteracy rate in Cambodia is 60%.  Not being able to read prohibits people from getting a job, reading the bible and many other disadvantages.

We teach “Sunday School” for the kids usually on Fridays.  It’s an additional event that many of the kids truly enjoy.  The kids receive a meal, a cold drink, and are usually quite excited about getting together for school.  After helping out, I have lot more respect for Sunday School Teachers……Whew!

Lack of sanitation and access to clean water brings all kinds of health issues to poor Cambodian families.  Our “Well of Life” projects provide clean water in a number of locations.  The ongoing monthly cost is $200 per month. We hope to add more locations each year.

web brush teeth

We distribute soap and dental care products to the children. Many have never seen such items and are eager to try something new.  We try to make these programs fun for the kids so they will develop good hygiene habits for their lives.

We were able to distribute some eyeglasses that were donated by friends in the USA.  Glasses are very expensive here and it’s a “Luxury that many cannot afford”.  This will help people in their daily lives and in our literacy and bible study programs. Thanks again to our kind friends.

We are bringing Bibles into Cambodia.  The Bibles are in the local language.  This is very important to have the “The Good Book” in the local language, though we do bring in some English bibles as they are needed throughout. [Mostly NKJ Version]. We are looking at bringing 5000 Khmer bibles into Cambodia.

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