Some days they don’t have enough money
to buy food to feed the whole family.

Here’s an update from Pastor James on his work with families forced to live in the “new” Phnom Penh garbage dump:

This area we called new garbage dump, the government move from the old garbage dump in Phnom Penh city to outside of city from 2009 until now. The people working every day to pick up trash for sale, this is their daily work. For the new garbage dump, there are people living in this area about 300 families, for people living life there is extremely hard life. So they are working about 10-14 hours per days, they can pick up trash for sale only (25,000 – 30,000 Riel) it mean (5$ – 7$) per days only. They don’t have enough money for family expenses because these poor people usually have a lot of children in each family. So no one can help them with this situation, they have to live like this, a lot of families told me this, Some days they don’t have enough money to buy food to feed the whole family. The parents made food for kids only, for the parents themselves they sleep with empty stomach. They hope tomorrow they can have more money to buy more food so they can eat too.

For the new garbage dump, we started working with these people from 2016- until now. I have been also using five steps sharing Good News to the families in Community too. We try to help them all what we can, We want to see these people have enough food to feed they own family and also they can send children to school as well But thru our human wisdom we can’t make that things happening. Only the power of God can change this things become good. Please help us to pray for these people who are living at the new garbage dump as well too. Thru the power of the Lord Jesus, these families will have hope in their own life again by Jesus name…Amen!

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