Many of you might remember our report earlier this year of the Ayis saying goodbye to all the children who were ordered  from Alenah’s Home back to state-run orphanages by the Chinese government  It was so sad for all of us!  Life takes twists and turns but the love between us doesn’t change.

We are  happy to announce a new relationship and program for
continued to service to Chinese orphans. 

It’s Alenah’s HOPE!

We will work with our partner organization “Home of Love” in Minade Fujian. Home of Love is a special NGO that has been approved and run as the local government orphanage.  They work closely with local police and civil affairs  to provide orphan care that is not possible through the government. Ms. Xuzhen the founder, has been helping abandoned children for the past 30 years. She is a close friend of CHI Associate Director, Melody Zhang.

Melody and Ms. Xuzhen are working together to develop a great program to link Chinese adoptees outside China and the children in China together.  Once the virus is gone and all travel resumes, we will organize trips back to China.  Something big to look forward to!

We will have details on travel and volunteer work later. Keep watching our Facebook and news blog for updates.

Meanwhile, please pray for the children in China and the USA
and all whom Hope International serves!