Here’s a desperate note from Paparao Yeluchuri, our Hope International partner in India

Dear Brother Dwyatt,

This is one of the 15 schools we are running where 800 children are receiving education. When you visited MTN, you have visited this school. In the rainy season, as the roof was completely damaged due to it is old and due to the monkeys, the rain water is directly coming in to the class rooms and we are unable to run the classes. We need to fix this roof and this is one of the urgent needs. I request you for your prayers.

To fix this room and to make some repairs to the damaged walls, we are in need of 10,000 dollars. Your kind support and prayers are needed brother. Please see the video attached.
Thank you Brother. 
Kindness works!
Pastor Paparao

The rainy season in India is just now drawing to a close.
Let’s see if we can help Papa Rao and his team get this school ready for this coming spring.

Watch the video below and then click on the heart
to help the kids have a dry classroom.