Dengue Fever – a Huge Problem with a Tiny Cause

A message from James Saan, our Partner in Cambodia

Dear Brothers & Sisters –

In Cambodia right now it is raining almost every day. The slum families who live in the Phnom Penh dumps are suffering greatly. Because there are a lot of mosquitoes in the trash mountain and the people can’t afford to buy a Mosquito Net, the families, especially their children, they are sick because of Dengue fever. Families have lost their children because of Dengue fever. When I visited families and children in the community, they all together asking me in the same words…DO I HAVE MOSQUITO NET? CAN I HELP THEM WITH THE MOSQUITO NET?


The reason that I write to you is this …I want to ask you for prayer request for the mosquito nets for the slum community. The total money I need to buy the mosquito nets for 250 Families is $3,060. Please help us and pray for us as well for this Outreach Project


Thank you so much for helping the desperate families in the slum communities in Cambodia. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family forever…Amen!!!

James Sann Puthree
Phnom Penh, Cambodia