Dear Kind Friends –  Greetings in Jesus Name.

I am searching for help to provide toilet facility to the girls of our free schools.

As you know, we are giving free education through our 15 free schools for 6000 children.  In our schools, we are giving admission to  60% girls and 40% boys. The girls do not have toilet facility and they are suffering a lot. The boys are going around for toilet but the girls are experiencing great hell every day.

This year, I want to get toilet facility for two schools.  I wanted to construct toilet blocks, but construction takes lot of money. So, I want to go for iron container and modify it to suitable to girls toilet. Just a simple facility and a safe place for girls to go for urinals.

For each toilet block with iron container type, it is costing $3,900 dollars.

I am in need of 3900+3900=$7800 dollars so that, around 800 girls will have toilet facility  in two schools together. 

I am asking you to help these poor girls.

Kind Regards,
Pastor Paparao