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Bringing renewal & bright hope

Ethiopia & Africa

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Our mission: To Give Homes, Health and Hope to those in need

We are people with a burning passion for changing the lives of the helpless, the vulnerable, the orphans, the sick, the weak, and the poorest of children and families. Our hope is in God and we are intent on taking His love to those whose candle has gone out and hope has died. We are committed, as Partners in Hope, to share what God has given us, to those who are in need.


Through Care & Service

Partners in hope

Partners In Hope

… serving people
in need in many nations.
The vulnerable are given
love and true hope .

Serving the Vulnerable and the Needy2022-08-08T17:58:06-04:00

Serving through love.

Giving Homes, Health, and Hope2022-08-08T18:00:13-04:00

Serving special needs children in special homes.  Ministering to the health needs.  Giving love and hope to those who need in most and have it least.

Schooling, Wells, Feeding Programs2022-08-08T18:06:44-04:00

In India, encouraging the work in 15 schools for the poor, uniforms, school supplies, daily lunches, excellent  education.  Wells dug for villages without water.  Water purifications systems in Cambodia,  Feeding programs for the poorest villages and leper colonies.

Helping the Hurting and Hungry2022-08-08T18:51:24-04:00

James Sann Puthree is Hope.World representative in Cambodia.
“Some of my friends and I go to garbage dumps of Phnom Penh to visit the families who live amid the trash and debris from the city. The children must work hard at picking up trash each day so their families can sell anything of value. We provide mosquito nets for stop disease. We bring rice, noodles, cooking oil, fish sauce and soy sauce, and teach the families basic daily living skills. Some don’t even know the first thing about basic skills to help keep their families alive. They don’t know to boil the water before drinking it, how to use the facilities, how to brush their teeth. Basic things that will help keep them and their children from getting life threatening diseases. All donations that are received will go to helping buy food and medicine for the families living in the slums.  We also give them Bible for light and hope

Empowering Mothers. Helping Children2022-08-08T18:21:53-04:00


Educating and training women to provide for their families.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

– Dr. Seuss

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